President Rick Hamilton's, WB5VQW, Statement

As President, I look forward to leading our FMCA Amateur Radio Chapter and working to keep it an ongoing success. My goals are to foster the growth of our chapter, promote attendance at rallies, and grow member participation in our nets. Furthermore, I will work to foster member leadership and participation in our chapter's day-to-day activities. We need net control operators, rally hosts and co-hosts, and members actively promoting the FMCA and our Amateur Radio Chapter as we move about our beautiful nation. Training is available. My personal policy is that all chapter business is open and above board and I am available to our members to address concerns, listen to recommendations, and to answer questions.

Vice President Carole Wright's, KB7VWA, Statement

I have been RVing for about 20 years now, served as treasurer and pres of another RV group, then joined ARC in 2007, my best choice along the way! Good friends, good times, and the opportunity to share amateur radio with so many fellow hams and "hope-to-recruit" potential-hams we have met in our travels. As VP, I hope I can give back to the organization and the community that has provided me so much.

Treasurer Dave Rathke's, WB4OHV, Statement

Obviously, my responsibility is the financial matters of the club, both income and expense paying.  Dues checks eventually wind up on my desk for deposit into the club's account which is at Aquesta Bank based here in Mooresville, NC.  I am one of the very few members that still has a regular, full time job.  I currently fly for the local airline and have been doing so for 31 years.  I fly 737s and hopefully will retire in about four years.  So please bear with me and have patience as my time and schedule are very irregular. 

Secretary Karen Hamilton's, WB5UFM, Statement

As secretary, my responsibilities are:

Keep accurate and updated records, submit all required reports to FMCA in a timely manner, attend and take minutes for all executive board meetings and general business meetings, and publish minutes in the Transmitter..

National Director Pending

Alternate National Director Lee Nugent's, N5LN, Statement

My role as Alternate National Director is to attend the National Governing Board meetings if Farley is unable to attend.  The first opportunity I would have to substitute for Farley is in 2015 in Madison, WI. 

Between now and then, I encourage all members to attend our ARC Chapter Rallies.  And also attend as many National and Regional rallies as you can.  It is fun to have "eyeball" QSO's with other Hams from all over the country & especially those who also enjoy the Motorcoach lifestyle.    

If you are planning to attend a Regional or Area rally somewhere, please let the Transmitter know about it.  You might be able to have a mini FMCAARC Rally there!  How many people in the country even know what an "Eyeball QSO" is, any way?  Hi, hi. 

73's to all,