55 Foot Aluma Tower and Hex Beam Installation
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Start Digging Hole

Hole Done, Install Ramp Board

Ramp Board and Back Board in Place

Ramp Board is at 45 Degrees, Back Board is Vertical but the Picture Distorts the Angle

Sliding Mounting Post into Hole Belayed by Rope Attached to Top

Mounting Post Near Bottom of Hole

Mounting Post in Hole and Now Preparing to Remove Ramp Board and Back Board

Mounting Post Vertically in Hole, 6 Feet Deep

Starting to Backfill Hole, Rope at Top is to Make Sure Post Didn’t Start to Tip Toward Ramp

Making Sure Post is Still Vertical While Backfilling Hole

Final Install, Looking Past Post Shows Where Antenna Will Come Down onto the Concrete Area for Maintenance

Backing up Cargo Trailer to the Mounting Post

Moving Tower Over on Top of Mounting Post

Bolting Tower to Mounting Post

Attaching Tilt Cable to Bottom of Tower

Lifting is Activated and the Cargo Trailer is Removed

Lifting Tower to Full Upright Position

Tower is Fully Upright

Tower Extended to Expose Rotor Plate at Top

Tower Extended to Full Height

Tower Tilted Over to take Rotor Position Dimensions

Starting to Build the Hex Beam with it Sitting on a Regular TV Antenna Tri-pod

Pulling the Last Pair of Spreader Arms into Place, 3 Pairs Total (6 Spreader Arms)

Lifting the Partially Assembled Hex Beam to Show the TV Tri-pod Temporary Mount

Completed Hex Beam Sitting on the Ground Waiting for the Next Day Installation

Hex Beam Attached to Top Mast & Rotor and Tower Being Raised into Position

Tower and Hex Beam is Raised to Vertical so Now Most of the Hard Work is Complete

Tower Extended about 10 Feet to the End of the Current Cable Length Which Puts the 20M Element about 43 feet Above Ground

Installing PVC Conduit Under Sidewalk to Run Cables Over to the House

Top View of Cable Conduit

Finished Conduit with Ground Coverings Replaced