Rohn 45 Tram System W4CCQ

 At 65 and after several heart procedures and a couple of surgeries the wife says I should not climb a tower.  I admit that these many pounds collected over the past ten years or so years would be tiresome to carry up and down an eighty foot tower.  I decided several years ago I would erect a self supporting tower that would not require climbing.  There are several ways to service an antenna without climbing, telescoping, tilting and combinations of both, but these can be expensive and dangerous.  Some still requite Ladders to access the elements of an antenna.image005.gif

 I decided on a free standing minimal guyed tower, with a tram to raise and lower the antenna for maintenance.  A commercially manufactured “Hazer” tram system is available from Glenn Martian Industries for the towers they manufacture.  It ill also work on Rohn 25 tower but all applications must use cumbersome guy wires and sometimes hang on the tower.  The wrap around design of the Hazer can become misaligned or catch on a bolt and hang-up.

 I wanted to use a much stronger tower so I anchored a piece of Rohn 45G in 5 yards of concrete 6 feet deep intoShelbycounty shell rock.  I used “UNISTRUT” channel turned inwards as tracks for the trolley to ride in, and ¾ galvanized bar as guides in the channel.  The “UNISTRUT” channel is held together with 3/16X3” bar welded up like a ladder and fixed to the tower with stainless steel bolts.

 The tower is made up of seven sections of Rohn 45G tower.  It will have one set of guy wires at 40 feet and I will have to disconnect one side to lower the antenna.  I do not think the guys will be necessary if the antenna is lowered but more engineering is needed here.

 As the tram is raised spring loaded locks catch each step.  There is a release cable to hold off the locks to lower the unit.  I plan to use an electric winch to raise and lower the antenna which will be a force 12 c4sxl 10 through 40 meters.  The two plates will hold the rotor and truss bearing I have not cut out for them in the photo.

 John Wilder W4CCQ

Rohn 45G Tower Tram
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