Amateur Radio Chapter 2018/2019 Officers

President: Larry Dayhuff, N7LWD,
Vice President: Dave Rathke, WB4OHV,
Treasurer: Karla Dayhuff, K4KLD,
Secretary: Karen Hamilton WB5UFM,
National Director: Ned Boston, K8RZA,
Alt National Director: Lee Nugent, N5LN,

Committee Chairpersons

Officer Nominations: Rick Hamilton, WB5VQW,
   ( Members: Jay Starks, W4PVN; Carole Wright, KB7VWA )
Bylaws & Standing Rules: Larry Dayhuff, N7LWD,
   ( Members: Jay Starks, W4PVN; )
Rally Planning: Karla Dayhuff, K4KLD,
   ( Members: Karen Hamilton, WB5UFM; )
Membership: Karla Dayhuff, K4KLD,
   ( Members: No additional members )
Website Development: Larry Dayhuff, N7LWD,
   ( Members: Dennis Dugan, WA0YPC; Doug Borko, NZ2W; Bill Selph, KW4FD )
HF Net Communications: Looking for an Appointee or a Volunteer 
   ( Members: All Net Control Operators )
The Transmitter: Carole Wright, KB7VWA,
   ( Members: Karla Dayhuff, K4KLD )


Our Newsletter, "THE TRANSMITTER" , is published quarterly for members of the Amateur Radio Chapter of the Family Motor Coach Association. We assume no responsibility for errors or other omissions. Reproduction of any part of THE TRANSMITTER is hereby granted, but must be accompanied by credit to THE TRANSMITTER and to the author of the article contained therein.

produced by Carole Wright, KB7VWA,
printed by Karla Dayhuff, K4KLD, 

Annual Dues

Dues are $15.00 and are Due and Payable before January 1st each year.  A $10.00 yearly additional charge will be assessed to all who require the Transmitter to be US Mailed. Send all Dues with Renewal Form, FMCA_ARC_Renewal, to the Membership Manager.

Karla Dayhuff
17 S Haid Ter
Lecanto, FL 34461

Make checks payable to: FMCA ARC.