2019 Fall Rally

2019 Fall Rally Attendance
Host’s Names
Rick (WB5VQW) & Karen (WB5UFM) Hamilton
Doug ((NZ2W) and Sharon Borko
Executive Board Members (Quorum: Yes)
Call Name Office Attending
N7LWD Larry Dayhuff President Yes
WB4OHV Dave Rathke Vice President Yes
K4KLD Karla Dayhuff Treasurer Yes
WB5UFM Karen Hamilton Secretary Yes
K8RZA Ned Boston National Director No
N5LN Lee Nugent Alternate National Director No
WB5VQW Rick Hamilton Past President Yes
Attending Members and Guests (Alphabetical by Last Name)
Unit Last Name First Name(s) FMCA No Member Call Guest Site Paid Prob
1 Hamilton Rick & Karen F397743 WB5VQW & WB5UFM       1
2 Borko Doug & Sharon F435377 NZ2W       1
3 Dayhuff Larry & Karla F404927 N7LWD & K4KLD       0.5
4 Rathke Dave & Beth F291997 WB4OHV       0.5
15 Sites Reserved & Family Unit Attendance Probability » Sites Purchased 0 Units 3
Probability Examples: 1.0 = rally fees Paid, 0.8 = will be going, 0.5 = thinking of going, 0.2 = interested in rally