3rd Edition - Digital - July 2023

Attendees of the 2019 Fall Rally in Santa Fe, NM received a "Cook Book" in their welcome bags.  This cookbook was compiled by Rick (WB5VQW) and Karen (WB5UFM) upon receiving inputs from many of our members prior to the rally.  Many of the recipes were featured at the 2019 Fall Rally which centered on Mexican dishes and desserts.  Several of the other recipes you may recognize from past rallies, and some recipes are new to all.  

A request to have a digital copy of the cookbook resulted in a scanned version, which required some editorial formatting.  All the recipes are presented in this digital version in the same order as the original cook book.  New to the digital version is a Table of Contents.  Members can now download the cook book for their use at home and on the road

If modifications occur, the cook book can be updated and a new digital edition released to our members.  Please send recipe inputs or changes to

Download Chapter Cookbook