Learning CW - Presentation from Tech-Net

If you are interested in learning/re-learning Morse Code the attached ZIP file contains 28 mp3 files.

These files are series of lessons in MP3 format for learning Morse Code.  The file is published by the Long Island CW Club. 

The lessons follow the format of the online instruction via ZOOM provided by the LICWClub.





Should you decide to join the LICW Club, please state that you were referred by Doug Borko NZ2W.

ALL 28 CW Lessons Zip File - 200MB ! Download Here

Individual Lesson Files
You can download or play the file

Introduction to Lessons Lesson 10 Review Lesson 20 B ?
Lesson 1 KMR Lesson 11 F0 Lesson 21 4 2
Lesson 2 SUA Lesson 12 YV Lesson 22 Review
Lesson 3 PT Lesson 13 Review Lesson 23 7 C
Lesson 4 Review Lesson 14 comma G Lesson 24 1 D
Lesson 5 LO Lesson 15 5 foward slash Lesson 25 6 X
Lesson 6 WI Lesson 16 Q9 Lesson 26 Summary
Lesson 7 Review Lesson 17 Review Opposites QYFLBJ
Lesson 8 period N Lesson 18 ZH  
Lesson 9 JE Lesson 19 3 8  


Click Here to download a pdf copy of the Power Point Slides from the Techincal Net Presentation on Learning CW.


Doug Borko NZ2W